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Mar 12, 2020 · Precast concrete is resistant to most substances and precast concrete products can be designed to withstand anticipated corrosive agents. Watertightness and Buoyancy. Precast concrete products produced in a quality-controlled environment and used with high quality sealants offer a superior solution to watertightness requirements.

Quality Assurance of Precast Concrete Product

For Precast Concrete Construction 2003 issued by BD “A factory selected for the casting of units must ensure that the precast units are manufactured under a Quality Assurance Scheme certified under ISO 9000 covering the following items: • quality control tests of materials; • calibration of laboratory equipment for quality control tests; and

Precast Concrete Construction Technologies for Metro Projects in

Given the character of the Metro projects, the use of Precast Concrete technologies is the obvious answer. In the urban situation, pre-casting of the concrete elements is usually carried out in an ‘away’ casting yard and limiting the dimensions and weights of the


Chapter 3 DESIGN CONCEPT FOR PRECAST SYSTEM ... - Precast concrete beams and precast slabs (reinforced concrete or prestressed) with a composite in-situ topping ... necessary to adopt reinforced concrete design with continuity of vertical bars in these load bearing walls. For these walls, the recommended thickness is 150mm.

Precast Concrete Manufacturer in Malaysia

We at JEKS are at the forefront of this revolution. Over 20 years since JEKS was incorporated and after completion of almost 200 projects, we have the right expertise and experience to lead this charge, incorporating the full use of prefabricated concrete construction from design to manufacturing and site implementation.

Precast Concrete Frame Buildings

Precast Concrete Frame Buildings - Design Guide I PRECAST CONCRETE FRAMES Speed of construction Frame cost Overall cost Thermal capacity Buildability Structural efficiency Fire resistance Design discipline Design flexibility PRWECT EXAMPLES 2 PROCUREMENT APPROACHES TO PROCUREMENT SUITABILITY FOR PRECAST CONSTRUCT10 CONFIRMING PRECASTABILITY

Precast Concrete Design & Detailing

IMPACT – 3D BIM software for precast design, production and project management. FEM Design – structural analysis for precast concrete structures. PRE-Stress – reinforcement calculations and fire design. WIN-Statik – engineering design tasks according to national standards. Revit – building information modelling.

Prilhofer Consulting – the precast technology experts

Prilhofer Consulting Independent consulting and project management for the industrial production of precast concrete elements. Since 1994 Prilhofer Consulting offers worldwide professional and independent design and consulting regarding industrial production of precast concrete elements for every kind of building.

Concrete Walls | American Precast Concrete Inc

Concrete Walls Decorative and Durable Precast Concrete Walls Quality meets design with our precast concrete walls built to match your surroundings and withstand the elements. Realistic textures mimic the appearance of solid stone, wood, and brick in an endless variety of designs and colors. ...

EnCon Design | Providing Engineered Concrete Solutions

Structural concrete must be batched, placed, and cured in forms and casting beds in factory conditions to meet the most exacting Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute tolerances. All precast components are manufactured under strict PCI standards, providing quality assurance, meeting exact standards required by the market, and ensuring ...

Mega Prefab : Precast | Post tension

Mega Prefab will design and build your concrete and steel building. Your factory, warehouse or retail center will be faster and cheaper using our cutting edge concrete solutions that includes precast columns, walls and slabs.

High Structural Precast - Precast Companies

High Concrete Group is starting an million expansion of its Denver plant that could create 50 to 70 jobs, the company announced Wednesday. High Concrete president John “J.” Seroky said the year-long project, which he described as a manufacturing “revitalization,” will help it meet growing demand for its architectural precast concrete.

Molin Concrete Products | Precast/Prestressed Concrete Components

Molin Concrete Products Company is your complete source for precast/prestressed concrete components for virtually any building system.

PCI Color and Texture Selection Guide

The PCI Color and Texture Selection Guide is a great resource to compare various colors and textures of precast concrete. The proper selection of color, form, and texture is critical to the aesthetic appearance of architectural precast concrete...

Precast Concrete Homes

Families can rest easy knowing that with precast concrete materials, they are living in the safest home possible. Benefits of Precast Concrete Homes. One huge benefit that precast concrete offers homebuilders is the ability of the material to serve as a weather-resistant factor.

About Afriprecast

Precast concrete is highly resistant to impact, corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other ravages of time, which reduces maintenance and operating costs. A low water/cement ratio combined with good compaction and curing in a controlled factory environment ensures a dense, highly durable concrete.

24 Best Precast Concrete Panels images

See more ideas about Facade architecture, Facade design and Precast concrete. ... and precast concrete panels factory production line this is the very fast construction method and green technology ,specially for ground houses and storey houses or villas , all of the house panels are

Turnkey concrete warehouses and factory buildings

Total precast is our most advanced concrete construction system. It is offered as a part of our Design-Build solution for warehouses, factories, retail centers and schools.


Precast is a smart, industrialized way to build any type of high quality, energy-efficient building not only in a short time frame but also cost-efficiently and safely. Precast means the transfer of work from a site to the controlled processes of a factory which supplies constant high quality and significantly improves productivity.

Design of Precast Prestressed Composite Beams Excel Sheet

Download Design of Precast Prestressed Composite Beams Excel Sheet – The precast prestressed concrete units are erected first and can be used to support the formwork needed for the cast in situ slab without additional scaffolding (or shoring).

At Home with Precast Concrete

Additionally, if the Faichtygers want to remodel in the future, the walls can be reconfigured to accommodate a new design. “Precast is manufactured in the factory, as compared to cast-in-place concrete, so there’s high quality

Precast Concrete Floor, Wall and Frame Construction Process

Properties of Precast Concrete Construction. Following are the few Properties of Precast Concrete Construction Process: Enables faster programmed times – not affected by weather or labour shortages. Improves buildability – early enclosure of dry envelope enables follow-on trades to start sooner.

Precast Concrete vs. Site Cast Concrete - What Are They?

Because factory-made precast concrete is shipped to such a wide range of customers for an equally varied range of applications, precast is in many ways more versatile than site cast concrete. A large variety of motifs, colors, and finishes are available, along with smaller precast architectural elements.

Precast Concrete Walls and Wall Panel Systems

These Wall panel systems feature solid precast walls in typical thickness of 6" or greater may be loadbearing or non-loadbearing. Reveals, articulation, decorative accents, and mix design (s) are available to meet design requirements. Precast concrete walls from High Concrete Group LLC are known for providing peak performance.

Echo Precast » pre-stressed concrete production plants

Echo Precast Engineering, based in Houthalen, Belgium, develops and constructs machines and equipment for the production of pre-stressed concrete products. Over the years, we have gained an international reputation for our technical know-how and engineering services.

ARCHITECTURAL Precast Concrete

Introduction The Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute is proud to provide you with this brochure. We trust you will find it beneficial in assisting you with your design of future architectural precast concrete applications. This brochure illustrates the wide

Bismayah - biggest precast concrete plant

Following long discussions, in 2012, Hanwha E&C awarded Elematic a large supply contract for precast plant design, equipment, installation and commissioning. The biggest ever precast concrete plant comprises a hollow core plant, a battery mold plant, and a sandwich plant – each individually already at world class size.

Modern precast and modular construction

Oct 02, 2019 · For example, a precast concrete company in Dubai applied the principles of modular construction in a villa project. They stretched the 3D design to room-sized 3D modules in precast concrete. The modules were assembled at the factory using precast concrete panels including finishing, electrical cabling, sockets and plumbing.

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Sep 18, 2019 - Explore egewirtz's board "Precast Concrete Panels" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Facade architecture, Facade design and Precast concrete. Resort hotel design architecture – JORGE GARCIA – Home Design Ideas Resort hotel design ...


Precast enables designers to integrate structural and envelope (architectural) systems reducing the total materials, detailing, costs, construction complexity, and more. The design versatility of precast concrete allows for almost any shape element, such as curved and radial sections, with flexibility in connection points and load paths.

Alcrete Offsite Precast Concrete Building Solutions Ireland

Alcrete Design, Manufacture, Deliver and Install Offsite Precast Concrete Building Solutions. Residential and commercial buildings. Alcrete Building Systems employ a state-of-the-art, fully automated precast production system. The 125,000 square foot factory uses ...

Architectural Precast Concrete - Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete

However, some systems like precast concrete wall panels, factory built, provide wall elements that are practical perfect barriers. For example, architectural precast concrete can be considered watertight, as can glazing, and roof membranes.


Architectural Precast is an extremely refined concrete building product known for its structural performance, durability, economic and versatility of design. VCON architectural precast can be produced and installed very quickly. Moreover, it can be made with any finish.

Precast Concrete Panels

PRECAST CONCRETE FOR INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION. Our precast manufacturing plant provides a controlled environment optimal for reduced curing times and allows for high quality formwork.. The concrete precast process calls for complex, exacting engineering design; achieved by our team of highly skilled expert staff.

Kareem Precast – Decorative and Ornamental concrete manufacturer

Kareem Precast is a specialist manufacturer of a full range of concrete products, including architectural and structural precast concrete. The Kareem decorative concretes will increase the attractiveness of your projects.

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